Elmo Themed 2nd Birthday Party


Our sweet Tenley Joy turned two last month and we had such a great time celebrating with family and friends. One of Tenley’s first words was Elmo. When she first saw Elmo she would get so excited and start dancing and try to imitate his movements. She would carry her Elmo doll around with her everywhere she’d go and he could always take away her tears and make her smile.

When I started thinking about Tenley’s second birthday party, and what theme she would like, I instantly thought of Elmo. I love party planning and all the ideas and exciting details that go into the party so I started a few months prior to her birthday to ensure I was able to capture exactly what I had in mind. I wanted the Elmo theme to have a girly twist to it and incorporated shades of pink to the traditional red and orange. I made the balloon garland myself using an electric air balloon machine and various sizes of balloons. I used fishing line and wrapped it around each balloon once it was tied to create the garland. I had 15 minutes to set the entire party up at the venue, so I had to be creative with how I was going to transport and set everything up. I transported the balloon garland in three parts. Thank goodness for large vehicles and my family’s help!!

Tenley loves going to her Little Gym class every week and learning new skills to show off at home so I knew this would be a great place to have her party. The first hour the kids were able to play in the gym and the instructors led games that had all the kids laughing and having a great time. The second hour was in the party room with pizza and cake. The instructors at the Little Gym were such a huge help in throwing a fabulous party!


The cake was from Tier One Cakes, and she did an amazing job with capturing exactly what I had in mind. I had several people at the party comment on how delicious the cake tasted. I decided to have the top tier chocolate and the bottom tier vanilla to allow for options. Tier One Cakes had such a great idea to make the ‘Tenley’ sign out of a cookie topper.

Cake by Tier One Cakes

The cupcakes were also from Tier One Cakes. I wanted to include the cupcakes in the dessert table setup along with the cake. To add additional color to the cupcakes, I put the cupcakes in Paper Eskimo baking cups and love the color it added to the table. Glitter Party Co made the Elmo cupcake toppers and they were the perfect sparkle I wanted to add to each cupcake!

Cupcakes by Tier One Cakes

Cupcake Boxes for Party Favors

I had the idea to give the cupcakes as part of a party favor when the guests leave for a little sweet treat to go. I used these cupcake boxes from Paper Eskimo to put the cupcakes in for the guests to take home and it was perfect to keep the cupcakes protected. I also wanted to include the cupcake boxes in the party decor since it added so much color to the tables. I wanted to incorporate Elmo in the cupcake party favor so I found the cutest party tags on Etsy from On The Go Prints that also included a small thank you note. Instead of tying the tags on party favor bags, I glued the tag to the top of the cupcake box.

Cupcake boxes from Paper Eskimo.

Elmo centerpiece signs from Pocket Full of Glitter.


The party tableware is from Paper Eskimo. I wanted pops of color throughout the party and the stylish paper plates, cups and napkins from Paper Eskimo were the perfect added touches I was looking for. I like that I was able to match the entire set of tableware for the party. Paper Eskimo has the most unique paper party supplies. We also used their products for Tenley’s first birthday and were impressed with the quality of their products. They have such a large variety of colors and options for every party occasion.

Paperware from Paper Eskimo.

Kids Table

I wanted statement balloons down the center of the kids table. I decided to go with two 36″ Big Ass Balloons with a colorful tassel garland and two Elmo balloons. Does it get anymore fun than giant balloons and colorful tassels? I found the weights for the balloons at Party City and loved the idea to include a picture of Tenley on each side of the weighted box for guests to see. I added a small number 2 balloon to each centerpiece for a final touch.

36″ ballon from Big Ass Balloons.

When I was planning her party and spending a lot of time on Pinterest, I found various versions of the Sesame Street signs you could personalize. Party Theme Props made the ‘Tenley Street’ signs and did an amazing job. Since her party, I have put the signs in her playroom and she loves to see them and spell out her name. The signs were such a hit at the party as well!

Tenley Street sign made by Party Theme Props.

Party sign created by The Essential Designs.

Snack Table

I had a side table setup for a fruit and veggie tray as well as small water bottles. I also filled the Paper Eskimo baking cups with goldfish as a small snack for the kids.

Tenley’s Outfit

I wanted Tenley’s outfit to match the party colors and also include Elmo. I found her outfit on Etsy from Bloom ~N~ Bows and it matched the decorations perfect.

Happy Birthday banner from Angies Designz.

Party Favors

In addition to the cupcake as a sweet treat for the guests to take home, I put together a goodie bag which included Elmo bubbles and an Elmo coloring book with colors.

The Little Gym was the perfect location for her party and she was able to enjoy it with all her friends.


Tenley’s party was perfect and she had such a great time celebrating with friends and family. I still can’t believe my baby is already 2!!!

I’d like to thank these wonderful vendors for their products and helping to make her party such a success!


Photographer: Sonja Boshoff Photography

Party table supplies (plates/cups/straws/cupcake cups/cupcake boxes/cutlery): Paper Eskimo

Cake/Cupcakes: Tier One Cakes

Elmo cupcake toppers: Glitter Party Co

Large 36″ red balloons w/ tassels: Big Ass Balloons

Tenley Street signs: Party Theme Props

Tenley’s Outfit: Bloom ~N~ Bows

Party sign:  The Essential Designs

Happy Birthday banner: Angies Designz

Elmo table confetti: Celebrate and Smile



*This post is sponsored by some of my favorite shops/brands. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.


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