The Ultimate Diaper Bag


When my daughter was younger, I would leave my purse at home and took my diaper bag everywhere. Diaper bags are functional, but not very stylish to go with that fun outfit you love wearing. I decided to ditch the bulky diaper bag and started carrying my Everlane Day Market Tote (the same bag carried by Meghan Markle to the Invictus Games in 2017). I love this bag because it is large enough to hold my personal items as well as my daughter’s necessities. However, with everything I threw in my tote, I often found my purse became a big black hole I would ruffle through trying to find something. No one enjoys being that mom that is trying to frantically find that snack or toy in the bottom of your unorganized bag for your upset child.  Once I discovered I could turn any tote into an organized diaper bag with ToteSavvy, I knew I had to have this organizer.

The ToteSavvy is the best diaper bag organizer for Moms because there are so many different sized pockets. It is available in two different sizes, original and mini, so it can fit a large variety of bags. There are many different color options the organizer comes in as well. I chose the almond color because I am currently carrying my Everlane Day Market Tote in cognac.

On the inside of the ToteSavvy, I keep Tenley’s water bottle in the insulated pocket, snack cups, extra snacks (my daughter is the snack queen), a thin blanket, lip/cheek moisturizer, and diapers.  There’s also an insert for the changing pad that is included in the ToteSavvy. On one of the outer sides of the organizer I keep baby wipes, disposable diaper sacks, and bug repellent stickers since we live in Texas and there are mosquitos no matter where we are. The other outer pocket on the organizer is large enough to fit a tablet or ipad. I usually carry small books or a hat for her in this pocket.


So as you can see, I managed to fit a lot into the ToteSavvy with extra space still left. I love that everything is organized and I know where each item is. I can also take the organizer out of any bag I am currently using and transfer to another bag within a minute and not have to repack an entire diaper bag. You don’t have to wait until your kids are out of diapers to bring that designer bag back to life again!


All items linked here:

Inside the ToteSavvy: Foogo Cup | Snack Cups | Wipes | Blanket | Mosquito Repellent Stickers | Boudreaux’s Baby Kisses

Purse: Everlane Day Market Tote


Thank you to ToteSavvy for sponsoring today’s post. All content and opinions are that of my own!

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